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Contenders Training Studio offers structured classes for both men and women who would like to experience the sweet science of boxing. Whether you are an experienced boxer or an absolute beginner, you will find the class that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Our Fundamentals Classes are designed for absolute beginners and those who are here at Contenders for the first time. This class is meant to teach its participants the basic techniques of boxing as well as the language we use in ALL of our classes including Training Camp Classes. Learning proper techniques at the beginning is crucial and recommended to everybody even when his/her main purpose of taking classes at Contenders Training Studio is getting into shape rather than learning boxing skills. 2-Week Trial is available for $45 plus tax to people who are new to Contenders Training Studio.

In Fundamentals Class, you will be learning:
  • 6 kinds of punches
  • Stance
  • Foot work
  • A few defensive movements such as slipping and catching

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