White Collar Fight Night

White Collar Fight Night is a boxing exhibition event started by Kevin Reynolds and Richard Pelcz of Contenders, to raise money for Athletics for Kids. There have been 9 events, every six months, so far raising over $100,000 for young kids (up to 18 years old) to play sports. The event consists of about 8 white collar bouts. Fighters train at Contenders Training Studio and are white collar professionals; hence White Collar Fight Night. With an announcer, ring girls, and a crowd of 200, the fight nights have a real professional and personal feel. Contenders will keep this tradition going. The fight nights continue their success, and fighters become part of a great tradition. Contenders, and it¹s members, as well as all the sponsors and friends that make this event possible are very happy of what White Collar Fight Night has become and are excited to watch it grow.

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