Fight Night 7

White Collar Fight Night 7 raised over $9,200 for Athletics for Kids.

This event was very different then the past events.  White Collar Fight Night 7 was sanctioned by BC Boxing.  There was an official weigh in, matches were scored, and a winner declared.  The fighters participated in a real bout. They displayed their skills in front of a crowd of 160 roaring boxing fans. This fight night was a huge success for the sport of White Collar Boxing.

As White Collar Fight Night continues to grow, it is very important that we understand what it's all about.  White Collar Fight Night was started by Kevin Reynolds and Richard Pelcz for 2 main reasons:
  • To give the white collar executive a goal, a reason to train hard, and another mountain to conquer,
  • and to raise money for a charity they believe in.
White Collar Fighters are generally middle aged, and successful in what they do.  So why step into the ring? The answer is because they want to feel a fight. Train hard, and get into the ring man against man. The winner does not get a prize, or purse, the winner gets the same satisfaction as his opponent.  They both trained hard, stepped through the ropes, and went three rounds to raise some money so that underprivileged kids can get into sports. And THAT is what White Collar Fight Night is all about.

White Collar Fight Night 8 is set for November 26, 2009. For sponsorship information, to donate, or to participate in the next event, please contact Teddy.

Here are the fights: All video and photo's kindly donated by Jason Keel

Fight 1:

Keir Castro  vs  Hyun Chul Ahn

Fight 2:

Amar “The Real Estate Deal” Manuel  vs  Richard “Butter Cup” Lawrence

Fight 3:

Rafael “Man O War” Reis  vs  Conrad “The Mod” Schartau

Fight 4:

Amin “Mailbox” Ibrahim  vs  Randy “The Bouncing Bull” Alvarez


Fight 5:

Brent “Ironman” Louie  vs  Mike “The Dream” Djonlic

Fight 6 ~ Sponsored by Bone Hardwear

Will “Lights Out” Turner  vs  Rob “Turbo” Yun

Fight 7 ~ Sponsored by Hawkeye Gold

Peter “The Cinderella Man” Cunningham  vs  Rob “Doog” Macdougall

Fight 8 ~ Sponsored by Fasken Martineau

Rex “The Rock Hammer” Turna  vs  Adrian “Famous” Formosa

Fight of the Night Round 1

Fight of the Night Round 2

Fight of the Night Round 3

Special thanks to all of the volunteers, friends, and sponsors.

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A very special thanks to Hawkeye Gold and Fasken Martineau.

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