Training Camp (Advanced Fitness Level)

Since the beginning of Contenders history, we have been using this effective training method that has recently become very popular among fitness enthusiasts. “Muscle Confusion” is a concept that many of today’s best-selling exercise DVDs are based on. The truth of this “Muscle Confusion” is that it is not quite about confusing our muscles. (In fact, we can only "challenge" our muscle, and cannot “confuse” them.) It is actually about constantly being introduced to new exercises so we will stay fresh and interested, which help us push ourselves hard at every training session. At Contenders, you will never see two identical classes. Every class is different, and every class will make you sweat like you have never before and want to come back for more. (Click here for testimonials.)

The goal of our Training Camp is to get your heart rate up, and keep it up for the whole class. Focusing on different muscle groups throughout the week, and finishing off with a full body circuit class, this is ideal for those who are looking to add boxing into their fitness regime.

Our friendly instructors will help you achieve your fitness goal and our hardworking members will inspire you to become the fittest person that you can be!

(Not recommended to exercise beginners. Please feel free to contact us to consult.)

Be sure to bring your gloves, as all our classes are based on authentic boxing training.
Our 2-Week Trial Pass is a great way to get started with. Click here for more information.

Basic Core Function Training Camp (12PM on Monday)

This is a training camp that is more basic and functional using slower and more mindful reps of various movements. By mixing in some rehab and injury prevention type of exercises with 15-25 minutes of the intense cardio work that use boxing techniques, we hope to get you a very well rounded workout.

Core Training Camp (12PM on Tuesday & Friday, and 5:30PM on Thursday)

In this version of the ultimate workout, you will focus on your core conditioning and strength. We will put you through your pace with an added attention to your muscles that are responsible for allowing your body to stay healthy and strong!

Lower Body/Conditioning Training Camp (5:30PM on Tuesday and 12PM on Thursday)

This class is designed for those of you who would like to get a high-intensity workout while using proper boxing skills. Whether you would like to learn the skills and get into shape, or take your fitness to the next level to prepare for sparring/amateur fights, this class is well worth checking out!

Upper Body Training Camp (12PM on Wednesday)

This exhausting, moderate to advanced regime, has all the components of a training camp class, with an added focus on your upper body. You will work on achieving a lean body while incorporating extra work for more defined arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs.


Circuit Training Camp (10AM on Saturday)

This popular class is what made our classes famous! We use various stations to combine polymetrics, core conditioning, boxing, strength training and cardio to promote the ultimate fat burning! As many as 30 stations with various degrees of difficulty mixed together with highly intensive cardio will take your fitness to another level! By working at your own pace and being motivated by other participants, you will see results! As you are able to do more and more of the challenging drills, you will enjoy the benefits of your new body!



Try the hardest and the most popular boxing training camp class in Vancouver today!

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