Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes are designed for groups who are looking for the benefits of Personal Training at a lower cost, and for businesses who are looking to boost the team work and health of their employees.

Kevin & super friendly people from Leith Wheeler


This is ideal for those who are looking to have a private session with some friends, or for businesses. Like personal training, these classes are tailored to YOUR group's goal, fitness and skill level.

Sport teams have also benefited from our program. Click here from more information about our Sports-Specific training. Ideal for Hockey teams and other ports!

A group from our office has trained weekly at Contenders since 2006. We love it. Great fitness, fun, and value. Fasken Martineau also supports their Athletics 4 Kids charity events. Contenders is great!
The Gang from Fasken Martineau
One class is $200 plus tax. 6 classes can be purchased for a big saving (Only $900 plus tax for 6 sessions!)

For more information or to book an appointment contact us via email: or Phone: 604.661.5059

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