Open Gym / Sparring

The full boxing experience!

Sparring in the open gym boxing ring at Contenders in VancouverWhat to Expect:
Open Gym is for anybody who would like to work out on your own. Our heavy bags, skipping ropes, free weights and other exercise equipment are available for you.

If you need to work on any of your skills or fitness, this is the class to come to and ask our instructors for any advice.

Those who are registered with BC Boxing and have your own 16oz gloves, headgear and mouth guard can spar.  This sparring session is conducted by Contenders instructor(s). This is the perfect class for those who wish to compete.

Open Gym is offered on
   - Monday 7:30PM (Combined with a Sparring Session)
   - Tuesday 7:30PM
   - Wednesday 7:30PM (Combined with a Sparring Session)
   - Thursday 7:30PM
   - Friday 4PM (Combined with a Beginner Sparring Session)
   - Saturday 11AM (Combined with a Sparring Session)

Please contact us if you wish to join our amateur team.


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