Off-Season Training Camp (Private Class)

You will find a fun and effective way to keep your skill & fitness level up
during the off-season here at Contenders Training Studio.

There is nothing wrong with the good old method of running on a treadmille and lifting weights, however, there is a FUN and MORE EFFECTIVE way to stay in shape and keep your skills sharp. Come check out Contenders Off-Season Training Camp!

"Boxing training is one of the best things a football player can add to their training program. The footwork, movement, hand skills and fitness are directly relatable to fundamental football skills at any position.

The vibe at Contenders is fun, positive, supportive and demanding. The staff are genuine and passionate about their sport and their clients. Training with the team at Contenders put me in the best shape of my life. I wish I’d discovered them at the start of my career instead of at the end.

If you’re a pro looking for an edge or a young athlete looking for a fun new way to improve your fitness and develop new skills to help your game, you won’t find a better place than Contenders!"
-Chris Burns (Former CFL Player)


$200 plus tax per class for a team of up to 30 players.
$150 plus tax per class if you book 6 or more sessions in advance.
Free equipment rental will be offered for the first class. From the second class, you are asked to bring your own gloves (hand wraps are not mandatory).


Please have a look at our class schedule and pick a day and time that does not conflict with our regular classes. Then please contact us at and let us know when you would like to bring your team in.


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