Boxing Fundamentals

You have never done boxing before? Then this is the class for you to start with!

What to Expect:
If you're worried about picking up bad habits, or if you feel like your hook is not quite right, this is the class that focuses on those things.  Whether you are boxing primarily for fitness goals or to compete, you will get more out of all our classes when you take the time to learn the fundamentals.

This skill-oriented, slower-paced class will teach you the very basic skills of boxing, such as proper stances and proper punches. This class is recommended to everybody who is new to Contenders. Even if you have done boxing somewhere else before, it is recommended that you take this class as your first class at Contenders to get used to our unique boxing language.

Boxing Fundamentals is offered on

  - Monday 5:30PM
  - Tuesday 6:30PM
  - Wednesday 5:30PM
  - Thursday 6:30PM
  • Please note that 38 spots are available for Boxing Fundamentals Class on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30PM. Please write your name down on the sign-up sheet at Contenders desk when you arrive at the gym. Thank you!
This is your first step. Take an advantage of our 2 Week Trial Pass and come try out classes!


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