Beginner Boxing Class


Beginner boxing training at Contenders in downtown VancouverWhat to Expect:

This class will help you improve the skills you learned in Boxing Fundamentals by introducing some combinations that include multiple punches, foot work and defensive techniques. You will also learn how to use hand pads as the preparation for advanced classes. Get ready for some intense whole body workout! The class combines boxing drills, core work, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning for the ultimate body shaping experience. The first thing about boxing is getting you in shape!

Beginner Boxing classes have a huge fitness component so don't let the "beginner" name mislead you!
Beginner Boxing is offered on
   - Monday 6AM
   - Monday 4:30PM
   - Tuesday 6AM
   - Wednesday 6AM
   - Thursday 6AM
   - Friday 6AM
   - Friday 5:30PM

Click here for more information about our 2-Week Trial Pass!

You will need to bring runners, regular gym clothes as well as boxing gloves and hand wraps to every class. During your trial, we will lend you gloves and wraps. We supply filtered water, clean towels, showers and day lockers.

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