Meet The Team

Contenders Instructors have the qualifications to train you for the fight of your life. 

Whether you want to take the skills to the ring, or participate in classes using authentic boxing training exercises to get you in phenomenal shape, Contenders instructors will get you to your goals.

Our goal is to be in your corner no matter what your goal is. With the help of qualified trainers, consistent innovative classes that fit your schedule, and a fun atmosphere that is NOT intimidating, you will get fit, and stay fit. Not only do we care about getting you in shape, we keep you in shape by constantly changing routines and class formats. We understand that many people dread their workouts, or are uncomfortable at the gym. This is no excuse.  You'll never have a boring workout or feel uncomfortable with Contenders Instructors.

Always in YOUR corner.

The trainers are very helpful and friendly, and bring invariably positive and enthusiastic attitude to every class. I especially enjoy the team spirit and friendly atmosphere that Contenders has cultivated over the years. They have assembled a caring and fun staff that treats everyone who comes into the studio like part of the family.

Elena Eberlein

Working out with the Contenders team has improved my confidence.

Raj Johal

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