About Contenders

Richard Pelcz, training at Contenders in VancouverKevin and Richard first met as opponents in the boxing ring, then became sparring partners, and finally co-workers as personal trainers.

Sharing the same vision in training philosophy they joined forces to create a structured yet fun environment with an innovative way to learn boxing. The goal is to allow everyone regardless of their natural talent to have the same high level of instruction as a professional athlete. The training regime consists of structured skill development that includes all facets of boxing training. Teaching elaborate boxing techniques such as punching mechanics, strategies in the ring, counter punching, defensive skills, proper footwork, balance, weight transfer, visualization, fitness, core strength, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, absolute strength, and general athleticism.


By teaching the same high standards to all of our members, we hope to create a sense of belonging to a club that cares about everyone's well being! Kevin and Richard care about all clients they come across. Giving back to the community through fundraising events such as White Collar Fight Nights and donations to organizations such as Athletics for Kids as well as others, is another way they hope to contribute to society.

It is our goal at Contenders to provide
a structured, safe yet fun way to learn boxing and to get in the best shape of your life.
Our vision is to create a gym where everyone feels comfortable pushing his/her limit. Whether your goal is to become a professional boxer or just to get back into shape,
we are always in your corner to help you
every step of the way.

The classes at Contenders are like no other; workouts are great and the  instructors are exceptional.

Mary Giampa

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