2-Week Trial: $45 + Tax

A 2-week Trial Pass Includes:

  • Unlimited access to our classes for 2 weeks
  • Free equipment rentals (Boxing Gloves & Hand Wraps) for 2 weeks
  • Access to a day locker, a shower & steam room, fresh clean towels and filtered water
  • Zero obligation to sign up for membership when the trial ends
(Limited to one pass per person who is new to Contenders.)

Please note that there will be no classes on Monday May 22nd.

Please fill out the form below. Boxing Fundamentals is the recommended first class. Since we manually reply to each registration, any registrations that are received on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday will not be returned until the next business day. Thank you!

38 spots are available for Boxing Fundamentals Class on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30PM. If you register for this particular class to start the 2-Week Trial, please make sure to show up at the gym by 5:25PM, otherwise we will offer your spot to somebody else. Thank you!

FAQ: I have done boxing before and I am not at beginner level. Why can't I start 2-Week Trial with an advance-level class like Hand Pads Class, Boxing Class or Training Camp Class?

Answer: Each boxing gym has its own language. For example, at Contenders if the instructor says "throw 123 tock roll 254", we expect all the participants of those advance-level classes to know what that means. In our Boxing Fundamentals Classes, you will be introduced to the way we teach and the unique terms that we use so you will have an easy transition from your old gym to Contenders.

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